Monday, December 31, 2012

Skatterbrainz Top Blog Posts of 2012

I'm taking a tip from the awesome Mr. Jeffery Hicks, (okay, "taking a tip" is code for "i'm being a copycat") and decided to pull a report of the Top 10 posts on my blog site (for January 2012 to December 2012), in order of most-visited to least-visited.  Call it vanity.  Call it shameless self-indulgence.  Call being a typical American.  Just don't call me Shirley.

Interesting side note: Google rolled their Analytics engine into Blogger a while back, which was a nice improvement.  Except that they dropped a few features during the "upgrade", such as the ability to drag a custom date window on the timeline to filter report results, and the preset option for "Past Year".  I've submitted feedback to ask if they might restore those features.  I'll keep you posted.  And now, on to the show...

Top Ten (10) Most-Visited Posts of 2012:

[1] Windows 8: Scoring My Predictable Predictions:

[2] Windows 8: What I Think About It:

[3] Windows 8 on TechNet Not So Great for TechEd Folks:

[4] Blog News and Updates:

[5] Deploy Windows 8 Start Tiles Using Group Policy Preferences:

[6] Books and More Books and More...

[7] Merry Christmas! A Few Holiday Thoughts to Share:

[8] Another Book Announcement

[9] Dear CEO's: Be Careful with that Cloud PR Stuff

[10] I Feel That a Feel-Good Feeling Feels Pretty Good

Top Five (5) Visited Posts Since 2008 (aka "All Time"):

[1] Enabling Windows 7 Remote Management via Group Policy (2009)

[2] Windows 7, MSG.EXE and Group Policy Preferences (2010)

[3] What Does the AutoCAD "PURGE" Command Do? (2010)

[4] Packaging and Deploying Autodesk 2011 Products with Configuration Manager 2007 (2010)

[5] Using PowerShell with Microsoft Access Databases (2009)

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