Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Books and More Books, and More

First things first: to everyone who has purchased one of my books: THANK YOU!

I mean that sincerely. This month I received the largest payment yet, and it actually made it possible for me to fill my gas tank and buy a few Christmas gifts for our kids. I won't say how much, but it's in the low three digits.

The amount isn't really important. What is important, and what really surprised me are the facts that (A) people actually wanted to buy something I wrote, and (B) I haven't received any death threats yet. So, once again: Thank You!

And now for another announcement: I have another book on the way. It's related to computer technology, but also a little business stuff tossed in. Before you start choking on your lunch, I assure you I know very little about computers, and almost nothing at all about business, so you can relax. The working title should give it away, so I won't explain it any further at this point...

"Why Your Next IT Project Will Fail (and what you can do to avoid it)"

I'm hoping to publish it before the holidays, but its getting really close. I will keep you posted.

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