Sunday, December 23, 2012

Another Book Announcement!

My new book is on the conveyor belt inside the Amazon factory, heading for a Kindle store near you. In fact, I was notified just this morning that it's available right now!  Yeee-Haaa!  Just in time for Christmas or Kwanzaa!  A bit late for Hanukkah though, oye.

Why Your Next IT Project Will Fail
(and what you can do to avoid it)

So, what's in this bundle of joy?  Here's the book description that I typed up while on Cold medicine, you'll have to excuse the typo's (if any)...
Why do Projects fail? More specifically: Why do IT Projects fail?  Is there a common thread or pattern that exists among failed IT Projects? Is it predominantly a failure of technology; of people; or a failure of both?  Are there warning signs that make it easy to spot the causes before they become problems, with sufficient time to correct them? Are there steps that can be taken to correct the problem once it's begun?  Are there strategies that can help prevent these potential issues from occurring again?
These are some of the questions I address, one by one.  For each potential cause, I offer a list of warning signs, corrective actions, and some straightforward suggestions for preventing them from arising in the future.  The goal of this is to help you keep your IT projects on track, keep your project team focused, and develop the strategies for making future projects more likely to succeed.
If you're still awake (hello?), you may be thinking, "Holy crap! This could lead to the cure for Cancer, or world hunger! How much will this miraculous piece of literature cost me?".  Maybe you blurted it out loud and scared your dog or cat out of the room.

$4.99 USD is the selling price (the price is automatically converted for other countries by Amazon, not by me).  Billy Mays would be flipping out right now.  A possible cure for world hunger for only $4.99?!  No way!  Way!

Merry Christmas! and Happy Holidays! - to you, your family and friends!
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