Thursday, December 22, 2011

Part 2

...If the World was perfect, Part 2:

Every Windows platform software vendor would provide ONLY MSI-based installers, and all of their updates would be .MSP patches.  Setup.exe files would be outlawed.

Software vendors who publish software that requires users to have Administrator rights would be hanged in public.

Microsoft Access would be banned.  The mere mention of its name would be punishable by death.  Anyone caught with an .MDB or .ACCDB file on their computer would have their hands sewn to their face.

Wearers of sagging pants would be punished by having their pants removed in public.

Bumper stickers would have to be funny or be removed.

All beer would be required to be 8% or higher.

Marijuana would be legal.  Why not?  Guns, Tobacco and Alcohol are legal.

Anyone caught arguing over PC vs Mac would be forced to wear a chicken suit for an entire week in public.
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