Thursday, December 22, 2011

If the World was Perfect

Alas, the world is anything *but* perfect.  I'd say that on some days it's horribly imperfect, and on other days it's more perfect than not.  A lot of that depends on where you live, where you are at the moment, what your health and financial situation is like, and what your family, work and social condition happens to be.

But IF it were perfect...

Government would actually work FOR the people and try to accomplish something besides playing games and pointing fingers while taking lobbyist money and making empty promises.

Wireless networks would be pervasive across all places, everywhere, all of the time.

Weathermen would be fined for incorrect forecasts

City council and mayors would not be allowed to keep their former jobs at banks, real estate companies and investment firms.

SUVs and Trucks would get their own lane, so the rest of us could see what's happening up ahead (and not have headlights on the back of our heads)

Bike and walking paths would connect every city and throughout each city

A mass transit system would get us where we need to go and when we need to get there, and it would be reliable and cheap.

Religious people would be happy with their religion and stop blabbering about it to everyone else all the time.

There would be no more xxx-American hyphenations.  You're either in or you're out.  Pick one.

People who save peoples lives would be paid the same as professional athletes.

People who defend our country, especially in active combat, would be paid the same as professional athletes.

IT engineers would be seen as sex symbols and heroes of mankind.

News reports would be required to report ONLY facts, nothing else. No editorializing.  No speculating.  Every story must be reported in 30 seconds or less.  Weather forecasts in 15 seconds.  Penalty for going over: labor camp or 24 hours of laxatives.

Political campaigns, including ads, banners, marketing of any kind would be limited to only the last week before the election occurs.

Pro football games would be required to show equal time for game plays as well as cheerleader close-ups.

Anyone guilty of buying the same car, motorcycle, truck, SUV, van or bicycle as anyone else within a 1 mile radius would be sent to work in Somalia for a year.  This is America: the land of innovation and imagination. Try to act like it.

Customers would get exactly 15 seconds to order at any drive-thru.  After that, a machine would crush the vehicle in a compactor, with all occupants, and dispose of it immediately.

Concert tickets would never cost more than $20.

I'll think of more later....
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