Saturday, March 12, 2011

App-V 4.6 SP1: SFTLIST crashes during Windows 7 SP1 Post-Config

According to Microsoft Support Article 2496904, there is a nasty little problem with the App-V 4.6 client when installing Service Pack 1 on Windows 7 clients.  The problem occurs after the reboot, during the post-configuration process…

The Application Virtualization Client FSI encountered an exception during shutdown. A minidump may have been generated.  (mini-dump garbage follows…)

The "Cause" is stated to be "Conflict with SFTLIST.exe", that's it.  That's it?!  Wow.

The "Solution"?  Wait for a forthcoming patch, or simply hold off deploying Service Pack 1 to your Windows 7 App-V clients.

The actual resolution given by Microsoft is: "An optional patch is planned for availability through Windows Update and should be available by the end of March 2011."

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