Wednesday, February 9, 2011


The nearby Animal Jungle store on Holland Road has a special enclosed room in the middle of the store about the size of a standard house closet. It has a door with a plexiglass window. Inside is a lone Jaguar or Bobcat. They can't sell it to a customer because it's not legal to have in a home. So it sits there day-in and day-out, trying to ignore the pounding on the window from kids and ignorant adults, all of whom ignore the "don't knock on window" sign. It exists only to impress the simpleton customers. How f-ing stupid is this?

Many houses, like mine, have an aquarium. Ours is filled with plants and rocks and tries to mimick a natural setting. Many others prefer to stuff the idiotic ship wreck and pirate lore decor or the garishly ugly colored glass beads. As if it's not enough to shove these creatures into a tiny space, they feel the need to fill it with what is essentially human waste. That is like putting people in a cage and filling it with animal crap. How f-ing stupid is that?

We still pay attention to a groundhog every year? We care whether it sees its shadow? We believe it can predict the seasons? Never mind that it's been proven to only be correct 36 percent over the past 50 years. How f-ing stupid is that?

My semi-retired neighbor spent hours bitching about "Obama-care" and how it was going to destroy America. When the GOP announced they were going to repeal it all, elhe spent another hour whining about losing the new Medicare features and worrying how he could afford his prescriptions. I love how people can't stick to a perspective. How f-ing stupid is that?
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