Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let's Put This Another Way

  • It's the biggest killer in America and has been for decades
  • It kills more people than all diseases combined
  • It kills more than air crashes
  • It kills more than homicide
  • It kills people of all ages, races, religious and ethnicity; men and women alike
  • The odds are you know someone killed by it
  • There are No fund-raisers to address this
  • There are No "race for the cure" events, no donation drives
  • There are No bills before Congress or Senate to address this
  • The technology to cure this has existed for decades
  • We refuse to consider using it - We choose to live with this every day
  • Can you guess what it is?

When you figure it out, ask yourself if humans are still the smartest creatures on this planet.

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