Monday, January 10, 2011

I Have Not Forsaken You

I know I've been a bit absent here lately.  Actually, that's a logical conundrum isn't it?  I can't really say I've been "absent here".  That might cause a AI processor to have a freaky meltdown somewhere, then again, how the **** would I know?

I'm taking a breather.

The reasons are itemized for your methodical amusement below:

  • I just wrapped up two books in a row and published them.  Each of them consumed a lot of personal time (as if I had any to begin with)
  • I'm just now (Monday) walking around again after getting the shit knocked out of me by a combined Flu and Bronchitis bout from mid last week
  • It's cold.  I hate cold weather.  I hate it - hate it - hate it, with a passion.  There's a reason old people move to warmer places: They acquire wisdom from living in shitty cold places and realize they should've moved much sooner.
  • I digress a lot, which means I get distracted easily.
  • I am trying to teach myself to read again.  I bought a Kindle (which you've probably heard about already) and it won't let me go.  It follows me everywhere.
  • I'm becoming uber immersed in a project at work.  Uber, because it means I rarely leave my seat (literally, not good for my health), and because it's also one of the most interesting, and enjoyable projects I've touched in a few years.
  • I'm only just beginning to think about what to write about next.  At this point I'm thinking about compiling a bunch of blog posts from the past two years relating to do-it-yourself systems automation projects and elaborating on them in more detail.  Just a thought at this point. I'm open to suggestions (other than those suggesting I jump off of tall places)
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