Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Social Translations

Ever wonder just what people's actions and behaviors really mean?  I'll help translate for you…

Behavior/Activity Translation
Tatoos "Look at me!"
Loud Motorcycle "Look at me!"
Gaugings and Piercings "Look at me!"
Blue or Orange Hair "Look at me!"
400db Bass Car Stereo in Traffic "Look at me!"
Bumper Stickers "Look at me!"
Mohawk "Look at me!"
Uber-Tight Clothing "Look at me!"
Bluetooth Earphone "Look at me!"
Chrome Spinner Wheels "Look at me!"
Light-Up Shoes, Hats "Look at me!"
Twittering Links to your Web Site "Look at me!"
Blogs "Look at me!" (ok, ok: "read me!")
Talking Loud "Look at me!"
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