Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hampton Roads Progressive Transportation Improvement Plan

Public Referendums, open forums, polls, surveys, election results, all point to the following preferred ways to address the increasing traffic congestion and longer delays on area roadways:

  • Additional Highways and By-Passes: No!
  • Additional Bridges and Tunnels: No!
  • Widening Existing Highways: No!
  • Light Rail: No!
  • Heavy Rail: No!
  • Any Rail: No!
  • Additional Bus Routes: No!
  • More Bike/Walking Paths: No!
  • Star Trek Transporters in every home: Maybe
  • Horses and Mules: Maybe

And to cover the costs of implementing any of the above solutions (that is: IF they were to be implemented):

  • Tax Increases: No!
  • Tolls: No!
  • Anonymous sacks of cash left by the roadside by the gods of travel: Maybe

Ahhh, I simply LOVE the sweet smell of progress.  I can feel it all around me like a warm blanket on a cold Winter morning. God help this place if the military ever wakes up and makes the smart choice to disperse their operations to other places (you know, in the way that our forefathers figured out after Pearl Harbor).

(oh, and by the way: You know how you can tell that photo was not taken anywhere near Hampton Roads?  There are more than two buses on the same road)

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