Monday, November 29, 2010

M & A + Technology Evolution = What?

How does the current economy impact IT operations, purchasing, projects and technology trends?
Why, I am glad you asked.  Yes, I’m being rhetorical as ****.  I’m betting my lunch money that this angle didn’t dawn on you:
Microsoft’s AGPM 4.0 added:

  • Support for exporting and importing GPOs between Active Directory forests
  • Searching and Filtering GPOs

You say: “So what?” or “Who cares? That was 2009 news.”
I say: “It’s perfect for the needs of companies who are buying other companies”
Think about it.  What is the general trend of corporate business in 2010?  M&A.  That’s right: Mergers and Acquisitions.  Every day in the news there is mention of one company being acquired by another, or merging into a bigger entity.  And what do most businesses run as their comprehensive security and resource environment?  Active Directory. And what is one of the biggest headaches of merging two Active Directory forests?  Synchronizing Group Policy rules.  Company “A” buys company “B” and wants “B” to implement the same environmental conditions as they have in place.  It can help smooth the way for ADMT, USMT and the usual junkie needle exchange program that follows close behind (Exchange, SQL, file shares, printer shares, etc.).  Just having these features for DR assurance is enough to make it worthwhile, even if you have no M & A plans on your horizon.  (for you noobs: “DR” means Disaster Recovery).  And lastly, or thirdly, is being able to cleanly export your GPOs to a test environment.  That makes it easier to keep your test lab configured identical to the production environment.  All the SOX weenies should get a woody over that aspect alone.

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