Saturday, November 27, 2010

Book Updates

The "Visual LISP Developer's Bible" is now available on Amazon for Kindle apps and devices everywhere.  The price is a laughably cheap $4.99 (USD), so why not, huh?  Why not?

You may ask: Why would I buy this if I can download the PDF for free?  Because PDF's look like crap on an ebook reader.  They don't auto-format correctly, so you end up zooming and scrolling and zooming and scrolling and, well, you get the point.  Soon you run outside, rip your shirt off and scream as loud as you can "I can't stand zooming and scrolling anymore!!!!"  - Fear not.  The Kindle version formats itself just right.  Enjoy.

My Next Book Is….?

"The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible"  Yep.  I've had this idea cooking on the back of my thimble-sized brain for several years now.  Now that the thimble is almost full I decided to pour it out onto "paper" (so to speak).  It's also going to be published on Amazon for Kindle.  It is currently in draft and I'm feverishly piling on more blabbering every day.  Just a heads-up: If you like my style of blithering idiocy you see posted here (or on Twitter), well, you're in for a sad treat.  I'm using the same style for this book also.  I figured: hey, why make another drab, dull and boring tech book?  Why not add some humor in the bowl and mix it on high speed?  Sure.  Why not.

I'm covering planning, deploying, packaging, troubleshooting, laughing, snorting and sleeping - all of the skills a CAD Manager or IT professional needs to know.

Don't Forget - Kindle books can be read on iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry devices, as well as Windows PC's and Mac OSX.  The apps for Windows and OSX are free by the way.  Just sayin.

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