Monday, November 29, 2010

My Arsenal of Packaging and Deployment

I had just finished my third coffee and pondering why it was having no effect on me, when I realized it was because I had no sleep the night before.  The lack of sleep, combined with an overdose of caffeine and sugar led my brain to a big empty thought cloud.  The kind that would have made Beevis proud. Then I look started thinking about what are all the things I use to prepare a software package for deployment. Here goes:

Office 2007 Custom Installation Wizard

Office 2010 Customization Tool + Office ADM/ADMX templates

Autodesk Deployment Wizard (AutoCAD, Inventor, 3DS Max, etc.)

Adobe Custom Installation Wizard (CS5 products)

Adobe AAMEE for patch downloads and deployments

Wise Package Studio 8.0 and make a snapshot capture into .MSI

Run setup.exe and grab the .MSI from %temp%

Run setup.exe with –r and capture the setup.iss

Direct Files: .MSI, .MST, .MSP




Sysinternals PStools, Procmon, Process Explorer

TextPad 5 (for scripting)

SMS Trace32 (log viewing)


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