Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My book on Visual LISP Development, aptly named "The Visual LISP Developer's Bible" has been submitted to Amazon's Self-Publishing program for approval. If approved, it will be available for eBook download at the ridiculously cheap price of $4.99 (USD). If you care to prevent the starvation of my toothless and shoeless children, you will consider skipping one Starbucks to buy this outdated book. My busload of poor children will thank you from the bottom of their empty stomachs.

Now for some even really gooder news! I am writing another book! Yes. It's true. They allow me to touch a keyboard still. What's it on, you ask? Why, it's going to be about deploying and managing Autodesk software products in a Windows network environment and using things like scripting, and Configuration Manager and dozens of trips to Starbucks and the nearby bars. It will be loads of action-packed excitement and adventure. Stay tuned!
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