Friday, October 1, 2010

Exam Question

You are the senior administrator for Contoso Corporation, a leading maker of high-quality inflatable sexual enhancement products with locations around the world. You have been asked to stand up a new server for the office in Kabul, in preparation for increased web site traffic expected for the launch of a new product that aims to fill the void of inflatable suicide explosive garments. That request came directly from Harry Seaward, VP of Marketing, during a meeting a week ago. Today you have been asked to delay that project and focus instead on a new database server in the New York office for Human Resources records services.  That came directly from Hugh Jorgan, VP of Human Resources, while he sat next to you at a strip club on a week-long convention trip to Vegas.

What should you do?

A) Follow Mr. Jorgan’s guidance and catch up on the juicy gossip about all your coworkers from the most connected department in the company.

B) Follow Mr. Seaward’s guidance and be marginalized by all the other departments that despise Marketing, and also anger the God’s of employment (HR), making you a prime target for bad assignments.

C) Foolishly try to complete both requests at the same time and end up fumbling the ball and angering all of the department heads.

D) Start interviewing for a new job.


Answer: A

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