Saturday, October 2, 2010

Uh, Say What?

I haven’t peeked at my Google Analytics stats in quite a while.  Kind of like not wanting to hear bad news, but wait a minute… I *always* want to hear the bad news.  I hate dragging things out.  I prefer to run through them and come out the other end, covered in entrails and last night’s digested consumables, as long as I can see the best path to run through them (yes, that’s a little cheap heuristics jab for you geeky folks).  Nobody wants to run the ball through 20 angry linebackers at once.  Find the hole and go.

So why have I been putting it off then?  I really don’t know.  Then again, my degree isn’t in psychology, and I don’t even know any good psychologists or psychiatrists, or, damn, I can never keep those two figured out.  Kind of like Opthalmologist and Optomotrist.  One messes with your eyeballs, the other with your eye sight.  But they all mess with your wallet.  Oh well.

So, this morning, I woke up, got dressed, did some long overdue chores (still not done of course), and ate a little breakfast, sucked down a Starbucks triple venti pumpkin spice latte (known to us junkies as a 3-PSL), then I sat down to type this schlock out and I happened to think of looking at my stats.

80 unique visits per day on average!  Holy ***ing ****!  That number is lower on the weekends of course, but the Mon-Friday average is 79.8 unique visits.  I’m flabbergastedly increditastically jaw-droppingly blown away folks!  That’s totally unexpected.  What can I say, except…


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