Saturday, January 9, 2010

Is America “Number 1” at Anything Now?

Let’s take a look…

(name) = country ranked #1
[x] = U.S. ranking

Category U.S. Rank Who is #1?
Marriage Rate (per 1000 people) 1  
Divorce rate (per 1000 people) 1  
Obesity Rate (per capita) 1  
Prisoners (per capita) 1  
Car Thefts (total) 1  
High School Graduation Rate (per capita) >158 Kirbati
Teachers as % of Labor Force 15 Iceland
Children Out-of-School (Primary level, total) 3 Pakistan
Mandatory Primary Schooling (years) 7 Germany (13 yrs)
Infant Mortality (per capita) 46 Iceland
Defense Spending (% GDP) 18 Eritrea
Military Personnel (active duty) 3 China
Manufacturing (value per $1000 GDP) 75 Thailand
Gross National Income (per capita) 5 Luxemborg
Patent Filings (by residents only) 2 Japan
Suicide Rates (per capita) 7 New Zeeland
Murder Rates (per capita) 25 Columbia
Birth Rates (per capita) 153 Niger
Married Couples with Children (per 1000) 22 Italy
Single-Parent Households (with children) 3 Canada
Total Death Rate (per 1000) 94 Botswana
Death by Cardiac Arrest 2 Egypt
Death by Cancer 9 Netherlands
Death by HIV/AIDS 34 South Africa
Infant Deaths (per 1000 live births) 152 Afghanistan
Abortions (per capita) 6 Russia
Automotive Sales 2 China
Automotive Manufacturing 3 China
Railway Passengers (per capita) 73 Switzerland
Broadband Access (per capita) 16 South Korea
Life Expectancy at Birth (male) 49 Macau
Official Executions 7 China
Drug Offenses (prosecuted) 41 Germany
Food Production (total output) 81 Tajikistan
Labor Hours Worked (total) 3 Australia
Labor Force Foreign Nationals % 5 Luxemborg
Education Spending (% of GDP) 37 Cuba
Bank Liquid Reserves Ratio (index) 165 Panama
Debt (per $ GDP) 52 Iraq
Components of Property Taxation 3 United Kingdom
Tax Contribution by Middle 40% (% of total taxes) 13 Denmark
Highest Marginal Income Tax Rate 41 Camaroon
Total Tax Rate (as % of GDP) 17 Sweden
Jews (per capita) 4 Israel
Sources: CIA World Factbook, U.S. Census Bureau, Gallup, UN / WHO, World Psychiatry Assoc. (via NCBI), WIPO, USPTO, US FTC, US DOC, (UNESCO), World Bank
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