Monday, January 18, 2010

Autodesk Enterprise Customers (follow-up)

I said I would keep everyone updated on any progress regarding the whole Autodesk fiasco I discussed some months ago (“Dear Autodesk: Please Consult Your Enterprise Customers”).  Well, true to their word, we recieved invitations to fill-out an online survey to be accepted into a customer council of some sort.  The goal of which is to start a dialog with select customers in order to improve products and services.  We (my co-worker and I) filled it out and are awaiting the next step, so the ball is in Autodesk’s court at this point.

So, up to now, we’ve had two phone discussions with Autodesk and aired our suggestions and frustrations to them.  The discussions were open, frank and seemingly sincere, based upon their counter-questions and follow-ups.  From a pragmatic standpoint, that’s it.  Discussion and a survey.  Nothing more concrete than that.  If and when we procede to the next step, I will post more.  Our fingers are still crossed, always the optimist.

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