Sunday, January 17, 2010

Run Silent. Run Deep

I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution since I turned 21.  I’ve always thought they were the dumbest things in the world.  I put them in the same category as the “Christmas Spirit” which defies logic.  Mainly: why is it considered “ok” to get in a loving spirit once a year?   Anyhow, I made a resolution this year, of which I have been slow to implement.  And that is to start shutting up.  Less Facebook.  Less Twitter.  Less blog.  Less Google Reader Shared items.  Less me. 

People who know me, and who want to know how I’m doing, really, can pick up a phone and call me.  The old fashion way works best.  I feel Facebook is a cop-out for those who don’t want to really bother with “staying in touch” as much as keeping tabs on people.  There is a difference. 

Facebook makes it too easy for casual friends to open the door into your inner circle and daily events.  People who you’d probably never call or expect to call you, especially on the weekend.  To me that makes it disingenuous.  And above all that low-level irritation is the fact that I’m not Brad Pitt, or Steve Jobs, or anyone that really matters in this world as far as broadcasting an opinion.  What I think about politics, movies, games, computers and so on really doesn’t matter.  It just seems to be a matter of ego and promoting self-worth.  I don’t need either of those.  I’m just me.  Maybe if I win a big award or star in a movie someday I’ll have a reason to blabber more, and then I’d probably more interesting things to say.

Happy 2010

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