Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Perfect Day: Version 1.0

What would a “perfect day” be like for me?  It would consist of at least the following, maybe more…

  • All of my debts would be paid off
  • I’d have a car
  • I’d have a house that was in good shape (or a cool condo in a high-rise with a nice view)
  • My kids would be laughing and getting along
  • My kids would actually listen to my advice
  • I would have a retirement plan
  • I’d have a guitar and a percussion set
  • I’d go parasailing from my own boat, with my family
  • I’d go out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the family
  • We’d see a movie together
  • Everyone I know who is sick would be healthy
  • My neighbor’s dog would bite his owner’s nuts off
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