Monday, October 12, 2009

Homeland Security Quiz

Here’s a quiz to help you discern a potentially dangerous situation and take the appropriate preventive steps to avoid a catastrophic outcome.

1. You’re told someone near you in an airport is a “foreigner” but not who it is.  You must identify the person as quickly as possible.  The foreigner is most likely the person who…

a) who has their pants pulled down with their underwear showing in plain view.

b) is applying liberal use of the f-bomb in front of young children, parents, and airport workers regardless of the situation.

c) who balls up a candy wrapper, or a cigarette butt, and drops it on the floor without care

d) who is reading a book on learning to speak English

2. One simple way to identify a foreigner is by one of the following traits:

a) A person who bitches about all the foreigners taking all the jobs that “Americans” should have.

b) A person who bitches about how bad everyone drives

c) A person who bitches about taxes, television, the news, and local government

d) A person too busy digging ditches and roofing houses to know about anything else going on.



1. d

2. d

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