Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Active Directory Adieu

I just realized that it's February (2009), and that it marks, almost to the day, one year since I worked on my last Active Directory related project.  I wrote some scripts to crawl a multi-domain AD forest for a city government near Richmond.  That was in preparation for a 2000 to 2008 forest upgrade and I needed to enumerate all shares on all servers and enumerate the permissions, folder sizes and generate cummulative results.

It was fun, and it was the last time I wrote a script to do some heavy-lifting within a large AD environment.  I thought that would be the life.  I worked on a few smaller projects, including building a web interface to AD for intranet and mobile device management of users, groups and computers.  That was fun as well.  But alas, as it turns out, there is almost zero opportunity for such things in this area.  At least, anything that pays a fair wage.  My involvement with AD now is strictly at home, which is obviously much simpler.  Adios AD, it was a good time.
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