Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The News According to Dave (Week of Feb 2)

Another string of unrelated Pit Bull attacks this week.  Of course, the Pit fans are all saying the same crap about "it's the owner, and how they're raised".  Yet everytime there's an attack, the owners swear they babied the dog all its life and pampered it and say the exact same rehearsed line "it's never attacked anyone before".  That's what Sigfried said to Roy also.  Whatever.  This week, it was a 77 year-old woman, and an 8 month baby, both in the hospital because "fluffy" or "poopsi" the pit bull was just playing around.

All the blabbering about Apple having a patent on "touch screen" technology is just that: blabbering.  They have patents on specific features, not "multi-touch" in general.  And it turns out that Palm and Apple own about equally destructive patent weapons, so if they get ugly, it will get very ugly indeed.  I predict they will work things out, quietly as well.  Shareholders don't like IP law suits.

Wii Sports came out on top this week.  Selling 40.5 million copies, making it the biggest selling game ever.

Google Earth 5.0 adds some nice features and improved performance.

UAC is NOT broken in Windows 7.  The whole mess was another overblown, over-hyped FUD campaign waged by Redmond bashers.  Nothing new there.

Exxon-Mobil posted another record profit for Q4-08.  Revenue minus Expenses equals Profit, so that means the increased revenue they took in Q4 (thanks for the $3 per gallon prices, by the way) wasn't offset by the bullshit oil prices.  Anyone that argues that this wasn't a scam is full of it, or they own stock in Exxon-Mobil, so there you have it.

Amazon is set to announce Kindle 2.0 on Feb 9.  I'm eager to see what the details are going to be.


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