Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Donating to an Unworthy Cause

Jimmy Wales has posted an impassioned plea for public donations to keep Wikipedia running. I'm sorry but there are two BIG problems I see with this:

1 - Why not adopt paid advertising? It works for thousands of other web sites.  Don't even attempt to suggest it might compromise the so-called "integrity" of the site or its content. I might laugh myself to death over that idea.

2 - Why would I pay to support a flawed concept? Someone tried to call it a "business model", but there's no clear "business" that I can see.  Wikis only work with implied "trust" in those that participate. Great for small intranet environments. Absolutely wrong for anonymous, public use. There is ZERO "integrity" here. Anyone who has tried to post corrections will know what I'm talking about. Sometimes your changes "stick" and sometimes they don't. And at NO time is there any reasonable assurance of accuracy. Most schools do not allow citations to reference Wikipedia. There's good reason for that.

Sorry it's having a tough time. Maybe they can get approved to become a holding bank and get a TARP handout from our stupid Treasury goons. GMAC did it.
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