Tuesday, December 30, 2008

GUI Ka-Flooey!

I had to laugh today.  I work in the "enterprise applications" group, which is adjacent to the "windows server group", which is adjacent to the "UNIX server group".  Big company has big organization stuff of course.  So I mozied over to the UNIX guys with coffee cup in hand and stepped into the middle of the lion's den:  a 4-way cube of UNIX wizards, each having 4 or 6 monitors (I'm not kidding).  

Being the smartass I am, I had to take some silly potshots.  But the first and most obvious was that every single console had Sun Solaris or AIX and a big, ugly, 1980's-looking silver/gray, square-boxy login form sitting there.  I asked "what the hell is that?  A GUI?!"  If you know any UNIX nuts, they love to persist about how everything can (and should) be done via a command console.  GUI's are for noobs, they say.  Not one of them has a command prompt login by default, they're all using a GUI.  They had nothing to counter with except a grin.  Then I had to mention that Windows doesn't need six monitors, we do fine with just two or three.  I'm only kidding of course.  :)
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