Monday, December 29, 2008

Two Dumb Public Statements

First: Peter Schiff on CNBC (tonight)  Talking to Tyler Matheson on CNBC Reports, he tried to blame every square inch of the current economic catastrophe on government intervention.  Everthing.  Markets, lenders, bankers, rating firms, were all totally innocent.  100% honest and innocent.  Tyler repeatedly questioned his logic, and each time Peter insisted more fervently that government was and is entirely to blame.

In the course of blaming "the government", he said that lenders were "forced" to lend because Greenspan lowered the prime rate to 1% at the time.  When countered, he applied the following logic: "If a bartender pours free drinks and everyone drinks them, you're trying to say it's not the bartenders fault?"  Me: NO.  It's not the bartender's fault. Temptation is only consumated with the act of giving in.  If you applied Schiff's logic elsewhere it falls completely apart.  To use his own logic: Without consumers, there could be no suppliers.

Second: Reuters is playing up the "poor people of Gaza" schtick, like all the media outlets today.  All the press photos are injured Gaza civilians running in fear, or Israeli solders chumming around or pointing guns at people.  I'm sorry, but for weeks.   WEEKS.  The little ghetto Hamas thugs were busy launching rockets from backyards, houses, schools, even hospital roofs, into Israeli towns.  If you poke a stick at tiger long enough, it's going to turn around and rip your fucking head off.  It's called "nature".  I don't wish harm to innocent Gaza civilians, but they should have shunned Hamas and kept their faith in Fatah.  Abbas would have kept them on the right path to peace and prosperity.  They had schools, unversities, hospitals, soccer fields, and parks.  Now they have destruction and loss.  The fault is their own.
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