Monday, November 10, 2008

TV Commercials: OnStar

The OnStar commercial cracks me up. Person veers off the road to avoid hitting a deer and hits a tree instead. View cuts to the OnStar call center office, a cluster of cubes, late at night, with everyone at their desk eagerly awaiting that one vital phone call. They pounce on it before the first ring finishes. Then, while the call center operator announces the emergency over the 911 channels, every single EMT and firefighter is frozen in suspense, listening to every word. Once the entire sentence is completed, they spring into action. Amazing.

Let's translate that into reality, shall we?

Flaw #1 - Person normally hits the deer. That's right, statistics will back that up. Ask any insurance agent.

Flaw #2 - People working call centers at night are usually out back smoking a cigarette.

Flaw #3 - Firefighters are usually doing one of four things: Running to the scene of a deer accident; Cooking dinner for the guys (probably venison stew), sleeping, or washing the fire trucks. They don't have time to pause and listen to an entire sentence.

Flaw #4 - The entire emergency response system (the people involved throughout the chain of command) does not sit around, biting their nails, waiting for YOUR emergency to happen. The facts don't bear that out by any stretch of the imagination.

OMG. During the time it's taken me to type this (and I type around 80 w.p.m.) that commercial has played three times. Geez.
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