Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cranium Drainium 6: America the Retarded

The news here in the U.S. over the past few days has made my head spin.  Let's count the dumbness, shall we?

1. Wal-Mart Employee is trampled to death.  By idiotic, selfish, moronic, asswipe "shoppers" trying to beat everyone else to get that Barbie doll for $5 discount.  Too bad that guy won't get to spend Christmas with his family.  Those shoppers don't care at all.  Did anyone stop to help this guy?  No.  Not one person did.

2. Two men shoot each other to death following a fight between their girlfriends over another shopping conflict.  Gotta have those toys at $5 off.  Life be damned.

3. The FDA has approved "minimum levels" of melamine in baby formula.  There is NO reason to add this crap into our food items.  EVER.  It's not like allowances for incidentals like insect parts per unit (read: chocolate).  Melamine is not incidental.  They're setting human-introduced POISON limits for our babies.

4. Whitney denies reuniting with Bobby.  Boy.  The news is completely dead this week.  Is Whitney Houston "news" anymore?  Why?  Who f-ing cares?

5. The Fed grants additional "emergency" bail-outs.  The first paragraph says "...indicating that a severe credit crisis was still squeezing the financial system".  Really?  "a"?  You mean there's more than one?  Bailing out banks is like putting bandaids on someone who had both legs and both arms blown off.

On a less-dumber note:

I realized that my Vizio 42 flat panel has a VGA connector on the back.  Hmmm.  I had to unplug my AppleTV to connect my Cox HD cable box (I only have one HD cable at the moment).  I could just connect one of my computers to the Vizio and play my movies directly from there.  I can pull them from my video library (disk) or from iTunes as well.  The only thing the AppleTV has over that configuration is having the remote control.  Since you cannot practically expand the storage on an AppleTV, which only has 40 GB, and my home server has 500 GB, I'm seeing an epiphany coming.  I love how people like to pick on IBM for saying 640KB was all we'd ever need.  But Apple has decided 40GB is all we'd ever need also.  Seems like 40 years has not taught anyone a thing about storage:  It's never enough.
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