Saturday, November 29, 2008

Score Card: 99 Percent Secure

According to Secunia's PSI utility scan, all four of our home computers are in great shape.  I maintain them with a mix of WSUS and GPO settings to keep things locked down, yet not obnoxiously oppressive for the wife and kids to have fun.  I'm glad I put WSUS into our network way back when 3.0 was in beta.  It's been fantastic.  

Some have asked why not just set each computer to use default 3:00 AM automatic update settings. The answer?  Because AU doesn't support optional updates which are often "vital" in my opinion.  Things like certain application updates and root certificates updates to name a few.  AU doesn't do that sort of stuff.  Kind of like comparing a microwave oven to a "real" oven.  Sometimes the bigger stuff needs a bigger oven.  In my case, three were 100 percent.  One was 98 percent, so I call that 99 since I use Enron math.
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