Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PAHS Cheerleading 2008

Here's a clip from the district finals my daughter Sarah was a part of.  They got ripped off by a crappy time-keeping screw-up that bumped them out of third place.  The timekeeper should be fired or sent to work in another role in another state.  Everyone that timed their routine came up roughly around 2 minutes 34 seconds, which is well within the required limits.  No drops.  No steps outside the matts, good synchronization.  The other teams sucked (except for Ocean Lakes, who was pretty good).  The officials on site refused to reconsider even though the evidence is undeniable.  Politics is always the same everywhere.

EPILOGUE/UPDATE:  I just received word that the official board reviewed the tapes and timings and revised the decision.  Kempsville got bumped out and replaced by Princess Anne Hight School!!!  Holy crap.  The word last night was that there was little, if any, hope of a correction.  Great news and it gives hope that people will do the right thing.
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