Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cutting more Fat

I dropped out of Linked In today.  I just don't see the benefit.  I know I'm not alone, and have read several other blogs where people gave it a good try (I was on for about two years) but can't find any reason to spend more time on it.  The connections are ok, and the recommendations are socially awkward.  You know, the "I recommended you, would you recommend me?"  Just seems like patting on the back for little reason beyond patting on the back.  In addition to that, it seems everyone is making vastly greater progress with new connections and so forth and I just don't have the time to committ to that right now.   I never saw any job offers arise from Linked In when I needed it most: during my two month lay-off.   So aside from grandstanding what little I have in experience and skills, there's not much else I need or can benefit from that I see.  Oh well.  Less to worry about.  For those of you continuing on, best of luck and may your careers go well.  Cheers!
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