Monday, October 27, 2008

WS Game 5 - Officiating Screwiness

Great games so far, but man have the calls been crappy.  As far as the World Series games I've ever seen, this ranks as some of the worst calling ever.  I'm all for the Phillies in this one though.  They seem to have more class and maturity than the Rays, but that goes with being around so much longer I suppose.  And Phillies fans are pretty mature compared to Dbacks fans or Mariners fans, as far as I've seen on TV.  Not nearly as emphatic as Red Sox fans, like me, but who cares, right?  Blanton and Hamels are sure fun to watch.  The real test will be how the teams stick together next year.  One thing that sucks in pro sports is how unattached players are to their teams these days.  They follow the paycheck, not the team spirit.  It's getting hard to root for a team when their roster shifts around like shoes in a woman's closet.

The rain may suck, but anyone remember the ALDS game between Cleveland and the Yankees?  That was one of the strangest games I ever watched.
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