Friday, August 8, 2008

Software Pimps Pushing Crackware

As if it's not already embarrassingly cheap of Apple to push Safari to Windows users, now Sun is pushing via the Java updater. It's become the du jour way of hocking crapware to mindless users. I'm sorry, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON in the universe for any Windows user to use Safari. It's buggy as hell and doesn't offer anything you don't already have (and with better features) using Firefox or even IE7 or IE8.

For all you Apple fans out there, I have no qualms with Safari running on OSX. That's a given. Why would you choose anything else? But if Microsoft literally shoveled IE7 into OSX users' faces the same way Apple is doing to Windows users, they would scream like their legs were being ripped off using chains in a monster truck pull. You know I'm right. Absolutely no question about it.

Now we have Sun, who's losing revenue and riding a spiraling stock price, decides it's time to don the zoot suit and start pimping crapware. Every time you allow the irritating Java Runtime updater to do its thing, it tries to sneak in (OO). OO isn't really that bad... IF... you're using Linux or UNIX (one of the bazillion incompatible flavors thereof). Anyone that's been using Microsoft Office 2007 for more than a few months will die laughing on the floor if told OO would stand up and take the blows on the chin. I'll stop short of going off on my rant about how sick to death I am of FOSS doing nothing but "me-too" crap. Stop copying Apple and Microsoft, do something original enough to make them copy you. Doh! I couldn't avoid it. I ranted. Dang it all.

I just want all the vendors to quit acting like some Fox TV show and going for the shock value in everything. Just shut up and focus on quality and quit messing with everyone. We've got enough crap to deal with already.

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