Friday, August 8, 2008

Level5 Open Access - Limited Time Only

That's right. The Level5 IT Guides at will be opened up for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening (US, central daylight time) on August 13, 2008 only. Read the Details Here.

During that period you can watch any of the premium content blogcasts on a wide range of topics from SQL Server 2008 to System Center Operations Manager to Windows Server 2008 to WSUS 3 to System Center Configuration Manager and more.

Normally these sessions require a paid monthly subscription (which is very cheap by the way) in order to access them. I have posted over a dozen sessions on WSUS and another dozen or so on Windows Server 2008. Brian Tucker has many more on System Center Operations Manager and System Center Configuration Manager as well. There are other sessions that are fantastic and these offer a perfect way to learn and expand your skills on these products in an efficient manner. While you're there, check the Blogs and even my other blog which is focused on technical stuff (unlike this blog).
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