Monday, July 28, 2008

What have CMMI and SOX solved for us?

Nothing. I don't see any drop in bugs, nor any substantial "quality" improvement in software that can be directly attributed to CMMI. Not even to SOA or SDLC crap. That's all MBA stuff. Good code writing is good code writing. It's 50/50 artistry and technical skill, mixed in a smooth blender with crushed ice and a cup of tequilla. Trying to stuff that into a box with warning labels and procedures on the outside hasn't done squat to improve things. The code has improved by learning what works and what doesn't. Sorry, a rant sparked from someone trying to defend CMMI and SDLC as making for better products. I don't buy it. It's snake oil peddled by consulting firms to big corporations to spend gobs of money chasing forever.
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