Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Advice

Years ago, an older engineer I worked with gave me some great pieces of advice. His name was Bill and he was a unique person indeed.

Bill was a big guy, gray hair, looked like a retired General, glasses, short-sleeved dress shirt and a tie. Took absolutely _nothing_ too seriously. Reminded me a little bit of Albert Finley, but much less talkative. When he spoke, everyone listened. And could always make us laugh.

Two things I recall almost every day that he said were:

"Being smart isn't about knowing everything or every answer. Its about knowing who to ask or where to find the answer"

"You can tell a lot about what a company thinks of their employees by looking at their restrooms"

If only I could have realized how true those are at the time he said them.

I remember he once waived me over on a Monday morning. Looking very serious. When I got there, he calmly said "You know... Today, I just don't feel like doing a damn thing. I'm going home." And he casually walked out. He was back the next day of course.

I don't know why I thought of this. Just doing a braindump.
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