Saturday, August 16, 2008

Remote Management of IIS7 from Vista

So, I got an itch to port one of my LAMP portal applications over to ASP and running on IIS7 and use MS SQL Server 2005. I believe that's referred to as a WISP stack. Boy, acronymns are pretty stupid sometimes.

Dave's sidenote: If you catch yourself in the midst of a situation where you're trying to put words behind a cute acronymn just to justify it's use, please, just put down the crackpipe and back away. Go find a beer to drink or a TV show to watch or something more productive.

Geez. Talk about obtuse. After installing RSAT on Vista SP1, I noticed that there wasn't any "Internet Information Services" option on the Administration menu. After Gooooooogling I found (here) that I had to go into Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows Features On or Off and select it in there. Done yet? No.
Then I found the New and Improved IIS7 Management Console (x86 download here) and installed that. Then I had to go into my services and firewall settings on the server and make sure those were running and opened up for remote management. Sheesh! Talk about making a fun idea into a painful chore. This is a kill-joy. I can understand how a situation like this happens, it's almost always evolutionary, rather than designed. But still, remote IIS management is something seen fairly often and should have been designed to be less cumbersome to implement. Oh well. I'll keep plodding along, as time permits.
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