Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why does GoDaddy have to SUCK so badly?

I build and maintain web sites for several customers who often put their sites on GoDaddy for some reason. Not all of them, but most of them it seems. I personally prefer DreamHost over anyone else, but everyone's got their preferences and reasons. GoDaddy makes everything so G-D F-ING difficult to get to. I suppose if you use their stupid website-in-a-can approach and push a button to dump a page, it's fine. But if you have to deal with their database features, God help you. (God help me, actually). It's buried like they really don't want the customer to find it. Horrible! G-D-It! I'm f-ing pissed. Trying to setup a stupid table in MySQL admin and it's like submitting a request to have Mount Everest moved. (teeth gnashed)

Oh, and did I forget to say how f-ing slow GoDaddy's admin console services are? Grass grows faster.
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