Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Reviews are Coming In!!!

I've already blabbered about my new book, "Grinding More Gears: Software Repackaging for World Domination", but while I await real reader reviews, I had to get some make-do reviews to hold things over until the holidays (okay, technically: holiday) are done.

"Oh my goodness.  Tragic.  Tragic, is the word.  I pray for this author and whomever reads this.... book... thing...what have you." - Mother Theresa

"Relatively speaking, of course, one could derive a postulate that would infer a certain intransigent preponderance that the verbiage was of some theorem that implicated a form of intelligence which could not be excluded or precluded, maybe not even occluded, but which certainly does not interject a notion of sensible intellect that a cognizant being could construe as knowledge." - Albert "Dr. Relative" Einstein

"What. The... ?..." - Aristotle

"Best book I ever read!" - Helen Keller

"What's a Kindle?" - George Washington

I'm truly flattered!  Thank you!
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