Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stupidity for Sale: Just in time for Christmas!

My next Book is about to be unleashed on the delicate eyeballs (and earballs, for those are visually challenged?).  A year in the making.  Countless lives lost (not mind, at least not yet anyway).  Wars have begun and been ended.  Eons and ice ages have come and gone.  Meanwhile, one lone clueless idiot remained steadfast and diligent, okay, hungry and broke too, but steadfast sounds better, and a work of wonderful wonderfulness was born.

It's kind of like squeezing out a technological nugget of knowledge into a big round ceramic bowl of learning, spiraling down into the minds of yearning minds, eager to absorb it all and wipe up the remains with total abandon.  Uhhhh..  Wait a minute.  That didn't come out right.  No wait. That didn't sound right either.  Oh never mind.

In a word: This. Is. Quite. Possibly. The. Stupidest. Book (okay, eBook). You. Will. Ever. Read.
But it's worth it.  Trust me.   Your mind will forever be changed.

What do I blabber about this time?  MSIEXEC. WUSA. PKGMGR. VBscript. BAT/CMD. PowerShell. WMI. Active Directory. Exit Codes.  Event logs. WEVTUTIL.  EVENTCREATE. SCHTASKS.  And an army of other nerdgasmic acronymical command names that are sure to impress that MBA CTO with the PHD in PMP. But most importantly, I finally had to attach the NSFW helmet and do battle with the concept of "crapware" and why we repackage things at all.

Seriously.  I decided it was time to test the boundaries in a way Frank Zappa did when he asked that prolific question: "Does humor belong in music?".  Okay. Does humor belong in IT?  I think so.  Every Monday morning staff meeting proves it.  I hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned.  Go here for more of my stuff.

I really need to stop drinking coffee at night.
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