Thursday, November 7, 2013

If I Were In Charge of Microsoft Right Now...

Yes.  This is extremely "pie-in-the-sky" stuff, but I need a mental break from working two jobs every day.  I'm sure you can poke a million holes in these suggestions, but whatever... enjoy!

  1. Stop all work on the Windows OS and call a big-ass meeting to do a massive "reset" on that 400-headed beast.  Consolidate and streamline EVERY command utility, API, etc.  A common syntax for everything.  Eliminate overlaps and redundancy.  Retool for true 64-bit (or 128?) rather than the dragging on the current 32/64 band-aid stupidity.  Tell partners/vendors "f-u" if you don't comply with the new platform specs.  No more backwards compatibility work.
  2. Redesign the interface so it adapts to the devices, rather than forcing you to use a tablet interface for a keyboard and mouse work environment.
  3. Give away App-V for free (like MDT and WSUS are handled)
  4. Get rid of MDOP as a product and make the rest of it (sans App-V) part of the Windows platform.
  5. Get some fresh faces in the System Center group to retool Configuration Manager to be easier and simpler to (A) install and configure and (B) manage.
  6. Revisit the "Essentials" idea.
  7. Deploy physical "Microsoft Store" facilities, like Apple did.  Online shopping is cool but tinkering with shit in your physical hands shouldn't be ignored.  Oh, and include those nifty-ass Starbucks automated barista machines they have at their own campuses.  Those things kick ass.
  8. Make ads that are funny.  If it doesn't make me laugh and cough my beer through my nose, then it needs to go back to the production room and get some more work.
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