Friday, February 8, 2013

The Next Book

I have given up on the book-topic survey, as far as relying on the votes as a means for determining which course to pursue. The votes are just too scattered, with no clear "winner". (I said "scattered".. heh heh. Ok, too easy an not clever enough).
(do e-ebooks require e-glasses too?)

Anyhow, I decided to go with the book sales numbers to point me in the direction to go. Based on two months of numbers (December 2012 - February 2013), the topics appear to fall in place as follows (from most to least popular):

  1. Software packaging and deployment
  2. Visual LISP Programming
  3. AutoCAD Network Administration and Packaging/Deployment
  4. IT Project Management

Shoving this through a secondary logic-filter (somewhat like processing beer through a Randall), hopefully this arrives at a clear direction.  Here goes...

  1. The responses from my recent blog post about Software Packaging were unexpectedly good.
  2. Visual LISP is a dying language, unfortunately.  It was fun while it reigned supreme, and more fun when I actually worked with it.
  3. I'm caught  up on 2013 network deployments for Autodesk products
  4. I pretty much covered what I wanted to in IT Project Management
So 1 + 1 = 1, errr, uhhh, what I mean is that I think I will follow up "Grinding Gears" with a newer/better-tasting/less-filling/no-wait-I-meant-MORE-filling version, focusing on Software Repackaging and Testing.  I think that makes sense.  If you strongly disagree, share your thoughts (and if you own a copy of any of my books, and you haven't posted a rating or feedback on Amazon yet, please do so?  I really depend on that to help me focus on what you want me to write about and what needs more work).

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