Monday, September 3, 2012

Table of Contents (Preliminary)

Here's the preliminary Table of Contents for my new book "The AutoCAD Network Administrator's Bible - 2013 Edition".  I'm very close to wrapping it up, and as soon as it is reviewed and checked, I can incorporate the corrections and publish it on Amazon.

What’s New in This Book
About the Author (me)
Who This Book is For
Terms Used in This Book
Why Bother With Network Deployments?
Planning & Design
Technical Support
Environmental Changes
Organizational Environment Types
The Small Office Home Office (SOHO)
Small Business
Small-to-Medium Business (SMB)
Enterprise WAN
International Enterprise WAN
Deployment Planning
Designing a Deployment Solution
Autodesk Product Deployments
Target Client Devices
32-bit AutoCAD 2013 installations (minimum)
64-bit AutoCAD 2013 installations (minimum)
AutoCAD Mac installations (minimum)
More Client Device Types
Deployment Servers
License Servers
Naming Conventions
Software and Licensing
Designing a License Management Architecture
Distributed License Server Responsiveness
Distributed Licensing and Client Settings
Network License Manager Folders
Virtual Environments
Making Your Business Case Work
Deployment Methods
Interactive (Manual)
Group Policy (GPO)
System Center Configuration Manager
Client Imaging
Creating an AutoCAD 2013 Deployment
Walking Through the Process
Including Service Packs and Updates
Exploring the Deployment Folder
Copying and Moving Deployments
Deployment Folder Security
Windows File System Security Basics
The “Domain Computers” Group
Removals and Upgrades
Deploying License Servers
Single Server Configuration
Verifying the FlexLM / NLM Version
Sharing Licenses with Other Vendors and Products
Upgrading FlexLM and LMTOOLS
FlexLM and Firewall Considerations
Additional FlexLM Features
Verifying FlexLM License Services on Windows
Additional Information:
Using Configuration Manager 2007
Deployment Scenarios
Configuration Manager Basics
Configuration Manager 2007 Terminology
A High-Level Overview
Configuration Manager Deployment Overview
Selective Targeting
Configuration Manager Deployment Strategy Tips
AutoCAD Deployments vs. Distribution Points
Creating a Configuration Manager Package
Creating a Program
Creating the Advertisement
Testing your Deployments with Configuration Manager
Tracking Configuration Manager Deployments
Updating Collections
Advertisements and Web Report History
AutoCAD 2013 Installation Documentation
Using Configuration Manager 2012
Applications vs. Packages
Creating an Application
Creating a Deployment Type
Targeting Users and Devices
Deploying AutoCAD 2013 with Group Policy
Assign an installation to a Computer
Adding a Language Pack to the Group Policy Deployment
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012
Configuration Manager vs. MDT
Overview of MDT 2012 Features
MDT 2012 Update 1
Basics of Provisioning
MDT Deployment Options
Manual Interaction
Boot Media
Windows Deployment Services
Configuration Manager OSD
Deploying DWG TrueView with MDT 2012
Basic Setup
Creating an Application
Creating a Task Sequence Item
Updating the Deployment Share
Updating Deployment Media Content
Deploying AutoCAD 2013 with MDT 2012
Option 1, Leave the AutoCAD Deployment As-Is
Option 2, Copy into MDT and modify Deployment .INI file
Preparation Work
Screen Shots of the Deployment in Action
Deploying Prerequisites
Deploying Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
Deploying .NET Framework 4.0 with Configuration Manager 2007
Deploying .NET Framework 4.0 with Configuration Manager 2012
Design Review 2013
Deploying Autodesk Design Review 2013 with Configuration Manager 2007
DWG TrueView 2013 via Configuration Manager 2007
DWG TrueView 2013 via Configuration Manager 2012
Create the Application
Create the Installation Deployment Type
Making an Uninstall Deployment Type
Setting up the Detection Method
Setup.EXE and Spawned Processes
Performance Optimization
Autodesk 360
Troubleshooting Tips
Investigating Deployment Issues
Forcing Windows Installer Logging
Troubleshooting Custom Deployments
Dave’s Troubleshooting Procedures
Communication Center / Information Center Issues
Restoring a Bad AutoCAD Profile
Forcing a Mandatory AutoCAD Profile
Restricted Users
Plotting Issues
Corrupted DWG Files
The PURGE Command
ObjectARX and Proxy Objects
Disappearing Dialogs
Converting DWG Formats
DWG vs. DWGx Files
Calling in the Big Guns
Environmental Changes
Server Changes
Printer and Plotter Changes
Product Service Packs, Updates, and Hot-fixes
Third-Party Add-Ons
Hardware Failures
Standalone License Activation
Network License Server and Client Changes
Facility Outages
Employee Changes

Packaging and Custom Automation Tools
Comparing CACLS and XCACLS
Microsoft Installer Clean-Up Utility
Sysinternals Utilities
Scripting Examples
CMD Script - Install AutoCAD 2013
PowerShell Script - Install a Windows Installer Package
PowerShell Script - Install Multiple Windows Installer Packages
PowerShell Script - Install DWG TrueView 2013
What is a "Short" File or Folder Name?
Appendix A - Recommended Web Sites
Appendix B - Recommended Books
Appendix C - Helpful Blogs and Twitter Folks
Where You Can Find Me

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