Thursday, April 12, 2012

Packaging Exam: Part 2

The second question in this ongoing march into stupidity.  As always: Try to avoid the temptation to hit Google and cheat on the answers.  There's no prize.  Just pride and satisfaction in knowing you possess awesome knowledge of awesome things.

Scenario:  You're installing a software product which was packaged by the vendor using InstallShield and provided as a single "setup.exe".  You'd like to make it install with some specific options and no progress bar or prompts (unattended).  What's the easiest way to accomplish this?

A. Run setup.exe using the -r option
B. Run setup.exe /unattend
C. Run setup.exe in a virtual machine and capture a snapshot using AdminStudio Remote Repackager
D. Convert the setup.exe directly into a MSI package using AdminStudio Tuner



Explanation:  In most cases, an InstallShield "setup.exe" installer will allow you to create a "response" file, capturing the options you select during the installation process.  The results are saved into a file named "setup.iss" under the %WINDIR% folder.  To use the response file, move it over into a folder along with the original setup.exe, then execute the setup.exe with the /s option (silent), and the /f1 option and the name of the response file (e.g. setup.exe /s /f1"setup.iss")

If the setup.exe does not support the -r or /r options, you could also capture it using option (C) with AdminStudio Remote Repackager.  This is not the ideal answer in this scenario since the question says "easiest".

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