Saturday, April 14, 2012

Best Exam Ever

If you work in IT and have ever chased certification, you are well aware of the familiar exam questions.  Most are scenario based, but they are always focused on the technical aspects.  We all know that technical skills will only get you so far in a career.  There's much more that has to be mastered in order to gain upward mobility.  Here's an example exam to try out...

1. Your boss calls you into a private meeting and explains his new "vision" for the IT environment.  He read an article on a recent business trip flight about how switching from Windows to Linux will save tons of money.  He insists there's no research or planning required.  "Just do it" he says, like the Nike commercials say.  You try to explain the problems with getting all the Windows applications to run either natively with WINE or through virtualization, but he waves you off as if you were a noisy mosquito at a wine festival.  You need to make a decision on what to do.  You choose one of the following:

A. Request a transfer to a different department (different manager)
B. Apply for a job at a different employer
C. Insist he increase his dosage of Xanax and avoid business flights for another year
D. Put a Linux wallpaper theme on his Windows desktop and convince him the migration is complete
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