Friday, January 20, 2012

Well. There Goes the Neighborhood

I had planned on retiring from blog writing for the past year.  I've given it up before, back in 2008 actually, but came back to it for a variety of reasons.  This time it's a little different.  Is it because I was inundated with e-mail begging me to continue on?  No.  Is it because I really didn't want to retire it in the first place?  Not really. Is it because I'm going to make a pitch for revenue?  Oh, HELL no.  It's actually because someone at fairly large company asked me to keep going as part of a beta program.  I'm not permitted to say any more than that so don't ask, and even if you asked, I wouldn't tell, and even if I told you, it would push you into a coma from shear boredom.

New Ground Rules:

1. No more shotgun blast posts. Once or twice per week at most, but probably much less than that.

2. Topic focus:  The philosophical aspects of merging Software Development with Systems Engineering and Architecture with the world of Business and Social engineering.

3. Whatever I want to say beyond that.

Clear enough?

So, let me revisit some numbers.  Where is the blog at with respect to traffic statistics?  As of today, this blog as drawn 127,500 page views since May 2009 (the farthest back the new statistics engine will report).  The blog was brought back online in December 2007 after a brief hiatus from an earlier start in 2006.

The peak traffic was in November 2011, at around 25,000 page views.  January 2012 is somewhere around 10,000, which is expected.

I have some articles lined up for posting soon.  Because hardly anyone has spoken up to request topics or general interests, I'm picking my own (big surprise).  This should be interesting since I have no idea whether anyone (you) will care.  That doesn't matter.  The goal is to (A) help out a team of nice folks asking for my help, and (B) exercise my brain while I recover from chemo treatments (I'm doing very well, thank you).

Stay tuned.
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