Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book News: Grinding Gears / Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform

Relax, I'm still in blog retirement.  But I did promise earlier that I would be posting an update on my next book and that time has now come.  This is now my seventh (7th) book published, and is the culmination of about a year of compiling notes and material and drafts.  I've been close to publishing it several times, but then decided to scrap it and start over because I wasn't happy with it.  I think I am happy with this one.  At this point I have no plans for another book, but that could change.

The book is called "Grinding Gears:  Software Repackaging and Deployment for the Windows Platform":

It's not just about packaging, or scripting, or AdminStudio, or Configuration Manager or any particular product or technology.  It's about the mindset, rationale, techniques and philosophy behind methods of packaging, repackaging, testing, and deploying software.  I've also covered some human aspects, business rationale, and so on.  Here's the Table of Contents...

I also wanted to thank a lot of people for helping me and inspiring me...

This book is currently in review by Amazon, and will be available for purchase very soon.   It will be published exclusively for Amazon Kindle at $10.99 (USD), and available for Amazon customers in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.  Remember, you don't need a Kindle to read Kindle e-books.  You can read them on almost any mobile device, tablet, desktop or laptop computer using one of their Reading Apps, or using their Cloud Reader as well.

Meanwhile, you can check on the availability by visiting my Amazon page at
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