Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Walk and Talk

First off: I'm still reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson, and it led to this blog post.

Second off: I don't care much for Isaacson's writing "style", if you can call it that.  This book should have been written by someone else.  The phrasing is awkward and sophmorish, and it just seems creepy-weird for someone to refer to their "friend" by their last name at every turn.  And not only that, but within each paragraph, instead of using standard MLA form, and using the real name once and then "he" and "him" for the remainder, he used "Jobs" throughout.  Yes, I know.  I thought it was written by Nancy Pelosi (i.e. "Jobs. Jobs. Jobs...")

Don't get me wrong.  The core information is fantastic.  The quotes.  The stories.  The references.  They are all great stuff.  Just worded poorly by a hack of a writer cashing in on a no-lose deal.  If I could have picked anyone to write his biography it would have been Anthony Bourdain.  That's just me.

But one thing stuck out that grabbed my attention right off the bat:  Steve's preference for walking whenever conducting a discussion or meeting.  I've always liked that.  It's perfect.  The movement, fresh air, and sunshine (even when cloudy) stimulate the brain and help you focus.  The trick is to do it where there's not so much distraction that it interferes with the discussion.  It doesn't matter if you're in a wheelchair, get out and move when you're having a discussion.  It's the best way to do it.  Steve was known for a lot of innovative and inventive things, but this is one that will be overlooked by most, but not by me.  I hope it instigates others to follow his habit.  Namaste.
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