Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interaction is Highly Overrated

Compact rambling edition:  As in, compact text format.  Tough on the eyes?  Suck it up.  Some people don't have a computer.  Some people don't have eyes.  Some don't even have fingers.  Let's see you complain now.  I didn't think so.

So much for part 1 of my grand "experiment".  Not even one response to the questions on my quasi exam?  Geez.  I expected at least one reply.  Just for that, I'm not posting the answers.  You guys can figure it out using Google.  No more of those.  From now on: random stupidity.  Actually, I can probably chock that up to making it too long for most people to even read the whole stupid thing.  Still with me?  Just checking.  As I've mentioned before, this is wearing on me, and my Dec 24 date is still on track at this point.  At my current rate of descent, remaining fuel, and distance to that target, I should just about make it before completely burning out.  Buckshot doesn't go as far as a single projectile, just as scattered thoughts don't travel as far as the focused.  I'm looking upon this as retirement.  Still there?  Ok.  Four years of rambling incessantly is losing its luster.  Some days I get a spark to ramble upon; other days I'm inspired by something from work, and some days it's just a brain dump of utter stupidity.  I mean, as much as I truly miss Ze Frank's "Show", I can appreciate how much he worked on that and why it only lasted one year. No, I haven't been drinking, and no, I haven't gone without sleep.  I'm actually amazingly lucid right now, even though it's been a long day within a very long and crazy work week. 

I'm looking forward to this weekend.  Tomorrow: Friday, is supposed to be the last Summer-like day of the year, getting once again into the 80's.  Saturday will only reach the mid 60's and be windy.  Fall is here.  In Virginia that lasts about a week and then we break out the coats and put the shorts in the bottom drawer for next year.  The only major thing I'm anticipating now is starting my treatments for skin cancer.  Don't freak, I don't have full-blown cancer yet.  It's pre-cancer treatment, so that makes it pre-chemo?  Anyhow, not a surprise given how much I live outdoors and with freckled skin, well, you know.  Anyhow, October is going to be interesting.  I can't complain since several of my friends have had or have full-blown Cancer and are soldering on through it bravely.  No whining here.  So far, so good.  I've always said that God may love me, but he/she sure doesn't like me.  Not letting me croak yet, more punishment to dish out to me yet I'm sure.  I'm actually more looking forward to the grand opening of the new Yard House pub in Virginia Beach in mid November.  That will make for two Christmas's this year.

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